Sky of Echoes

  • Time: March 2019-May 2019
  • Location: Entertainment Technology Center
  • My Role: Lead Designer, UI Programmer
  • Platform: Tap, Android
  • Engine: Unity
  • Part of Project Houdini

Sky of Echoes is an open-world space exploration game running on Android and use Tap as the controller. Player wakes up in an unknown star system and needs to go back to Earth by finding clues of the location of the Solar System and charging up the warp drive. Player will uncover the past of this star system’s dwellers and their secrets.

After an introductory sequence that serves as both a tutorial of the game and a the opening chapter of the story, players are able to freely explore this planet-moon system, collect space junks and find audio logs on the planet and its satellites.

Overall Look On the Map

As the designer of this experience, I took charge of the overall world layout design, the narrative and key interaction design.