Work on NBA 2K Titles


I've worked on NBA 2K titles from 2020 and ongoing.

I’ve been working primarily on the following aspects of the game:

  • Run daily communication with cross-functional team
  • Managed the production of UI Engineering with game tutorial, mini-games and limited-time events
  • Assigned and tracked tasks for a team of engineers during feature production
  • Set monthly milestones and run meetings
  • Documented various feature designs for the clarity and transparency of development
  • Made production pipeline improvement suggestion
  • Tracked team’s morale and resolved interpersonal issues among co-workers.
  • Tracked bugs with QA department, managed bug fix schedule
  • Designed and managed the production of several ambient reaction features
  • Maintanence of in-house scripting tool
  • Camera Scripting for cutscenes and gameplay with in-house tool and language

Some camera I've scripted: