Aren’t You Alone in the Dark?


Aren’t You Alone in the Dark is a personal project I submit for my Game Design class. Built in Unreal Engine 4, AYAITD is a survival horror game mixed with twin-stick shooter genre.

Playing as Andrew in Aren’t You Alone in the Dark, players need to face waves of
ghosts. In the game, the only thing to defend yourself is your flashlight, which serves
both as a safeguard and a weapon: when player light up a direction, ghosts on that
direction will stop chase the player and fall back. When the player continuously shoots a ghost more than 2 seconds, the ghost will vanish. Ghost will also get vanish from being pushed to walls. To balance gameplay, when player stands beside walls, the ability of damaging ghost is disabled. Each ghost busted will gain one point to player’s score, and with the score growing higher, more ghost will appear at the same time.

Download Link: