Ink Fish


  • Time: Nov 8, 2018 – Nov 15, 2018
  • Event: Epic Megajam 2018
  • Topic: “Reality is Often Inaccurate”
  • My Role: Designer/Lead Programmer
  • Platform: VR
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4 with Unreal Blueprint
  • Team-up with Chang Liu, Chenchen Tan, Linyao Li and Zhiguo Lai

Project Ink Fish is a simple VR game my teammates and I created during Epic Megajam 2018. Inspired by ancient Chinese poet Liu Zongyuan (柳宗元)’s Jiangxue (江雪, translated to English as “River Snow” and traditional Chinese Water-Ink style painting, Ink Fish lets players be a lonely fisherman and catch fish by using a bamboo spear.

My input to this game includes making design decisions on using refraction of water to give visual inaccuracy, programming on interaction and help the artist to fully utilize Unreal’s rendering in order to achieve the water-ink visual style.

You can download and play it here! Requires VR headset.