The Hollow


  • Time: September 2018 – December 2018
  • Place: Carnegie Mellon University
  • My Role: Game Designer/Narrative Designer/Writer
  • Platform: Tabletop
  • Output: A 116-page game bible
  • Team-up with: Adela Kapuscinska, Mira Zeitlin, Sofia Miren Syjuco, Tomas San Miguel

The Hollow is a Tabletop RPG set in Call of Cthulhu universe, taking inspiration fromĀ Shaggai by Lin Carter. It is the group project for my RPG Writing Workshop course taken in Fall 2018. Set in Victorian England, a group of four players will travel from London to Alta, Norway in order to get back the mysterious artifact Pharos and uncover the conspiracy behind its missing.

I wrote the first Act out of 5 acts, including story overview, a dramatic scene and an encounter designed for the first night of play. The team also collaboratively design the overall story structure and help proofread other acts.

You can read it right here!